In my little corner of Crazytown I spent the evening helping my son assemble hand-folded origami bookmark hearts for his school Valentine’s Day party.
02.13.13 | crazytown
Origami heart bookmarks.


One other photo from today is below. Take a look and let me know which is your favorite.

I also cut hearts out of felted Goodwill sweaters for my daughter’s toddler room Valentine’s Day party tomorrow

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  1. I like both of them….but photographically I think I like the second one best. Have you written the name of the recipient on each card? It looks like they are typed? In E’s class does each child also receive some candy or a present? Those are rather large projects you’ve been involved in. And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!! Busy….busy….busy….

    1. Thanks! The names on the hearts are done with a rubber stamp. I have one that looks like one of those old library checkout stamps where you can change the letters if that makes sense. E helped me with the origami ones. You can’t really see it in the photo, but each bookmark is attached to a small clear bag with 3 pieces of candy in it.

  2. Both are great photos, but I love the Origami heart one. I have never seen an origami heart. What a cute Valentine’s gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Where did you find the directions for the origami heart? I’d love to learn how to make them. And where did you find the stamp? Or is it old? Both projects are so sweet!

    I like your use of depth of field in the first picture and the bright colors in the second. Favorite? It’s a toss up!

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