There goes my heart, walking in front of me.
02.14.13 | valentine
My little girl walking to “school” (daycare) all decked out in hearts and carrying her new purse.


Below is the same exact photo as the one above but with a filter applied to it. I chose the unfiltered one as my feature photo for the day but I’m curious what others think. Filtered? Or unfiltered?

This one has a warming filter that gives it more of a nostalgic feel.

5 Replies to “02.14.13 | valentine +”

  1. Definitely unfiltered. Which is the true colors? I love the bright colors in her Valentine’s coat in the unfiltered one. And that little purse she is carrying is adorable. What a sweet photo.

  2. I like filtered, but only because it reminds me of photos from the 70’s featuring yours truly! She is so adorable.

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