I took some photos of a private school campus today to use in a proposal for work and came across this old empty school bus that was begging to be photographed.
02.17.13 | self portrait
Concave reflection in the rear view mirror of a old school bus.


Other photos from today are below. Take a look and let me know which is your favorite.

Reflections in rear view mirror.
I like how you can see the edge of the mirror in this one against the blurry background.
View down the center of an old school bus. I like the pattern of dark and light on the floor.

4 Replies to “02.17.13 | self portrait +”

    1. I didn’t realize when I took the photo how beat up the seats were. If I had been there alone I would have been a bit creeped out. Thankfully I dragged the entire family along.

  1. I think I like the first photo best although the black edge in the third is intriguing. Am glad you brought the whole family along!

    1. It was pretty cool. I doubt I was supposed to be on that bus, but nobody was around and it was wide open just calling my name saying, “taaake my piiiiicture… phoooootoooograaaaph meeee….” kind of spooky like that. For real. 🙂

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