This photo was taken a few weeks ago at my son’s Odyssey of the Mind tournament. He wore my Dad’s old scout uniform as his costume. He thought it was pretty cool. So did I.
04.08.13 | pittsburgh, kansas (269) - (03.16.13)
My mom still has my dad’s uniform as well as two from my brother and my Girl Scout uniform. Sometimes it’s good to have a mom who doesn’t get rid of a lot of things.


9 Replies to “04.08.13 | pittsburg, kansas”

    1. That’s so cool! Not many people even know there is a Pittsburg, KS. I haven’t been there in many many years. We used to go every summer to visit my grandparents.

    1. My mom has so many things it’s kind of crazy… But seriously, I think it’s pretty great. She still has my ice skating costume from the one time I competed, all of my ballet stuff, most of my old Halloween costumes. It’s fun to find things and it’s even better when my kids get to re-use them!

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