Our first trip to the beach this summer.
06.12.13 | too many favorites
I love all of the lines in this photo – from the bridge in the background, the boardwalk railing and shadows.


As you can see, I had trouble only picking a few photos…

The waves were big for where we are due to a storm yesterday.
We were the only ones there.
The tide is coming in.
Waiting for the tide to come in.
Sandy blue toenails.
Picking up some sand to throw into the ocean.
I love the beach in the evening.

2 Replies to “06.12.13 | too many favorites +”

    1. We always go to the beach in the evening and we go to one that is more remote from the beach town where my mom has a house. The beach is really wide and there are never very many people. I think we saw maybe 3 other people when we were there yesterday.

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