I have a love/hate relationship with the people in the marketing department at Lego. On one hand I love how they build excitement in kids to be creative. On the other hand, the way they have things packaged into “sets” has created a demand for Legos that can easily become an obsession. We have TONS of Legos at our house. It’s when my son plays with them in what he calls “free build” (breaking away from the confines of the sets) that he seems to have the most fun. It’s also when I have the most fun seeing what he creates.
07.13.13 | lego guys
A spaceman in his spaceship with lego-man wings.


2 Replies to “07.13.13 | lego guys”

  1. My older son and I were huge lego fans. But I have this problem with keeping the lego’s in sets. He would combine them and then we would have a few days that we would dump them all on the floor and work on putting them back together in sets. He was pretty young and realized he liked them better in the sets as he wouldn’t have to look so hard for the pieces to a particular car, boat or RV. My younger son, however, loved to mix them all up and make whatever. I have to have a special bin for his legos that were all mixed up sets. I miss playing with legos 🙂 I even have a couple of my own “pink” sets. The boys liked playing with them, too. I always hated that they were, and probably still are, so expensive.
    Pretty neat figure your son came up with.

    1. My son likes to keep things organized in sets. He has a whole separate bin of Legos we’ve purchased from ebay and thrift stores that are in his “free build” bin. Those are the most fun in my opinion.

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