08.02.13 | 14 years, 6 months, 22 days

08.02.13 | 14 years, 6 months, 22 days +

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January 12, 1999. That’s an estimated birthday since my husband got her at the Humane Association and nobody really knew how old she was. She had been given the name “Zinga” by the staff since she had been found in the parking lot of a grocery store called Zingos. She was an adorable puppy. My husband and I picked her out together. He proposed to me by engraving “Julie, I love you, Marry me” on a dog tag that he secretly put on her collar when we were out for a walk 14 years ago. She was not what you would consider an “easy” dog, but she was still very much loved and will leave a hole in our household. (1/12/99-8/2/13)
08.02.13 | 14 years, 6 months, 22 days
I took these photos a few months ago and have been saving them since I knew this day would come at some point this year.


She was never one to look at the camera when you wanted to take her photo so I’m especially glad I was able to capture these two shots of her.

It’s hard to look at these photos. Aging sucks.

4 Replies to “08.02.13 | 14 years, 6 months, 22 days +”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. She was a part of your family for a long time. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. So glad you were able to get these 2 nice pictures of her. It will get a little easier as time goes on and they will make you smile one day. Big Hugs ((()))

    1. Thanks Ginny. It’s not easy but it’s getting better. The hard thing now is cleaning up all of her stuff and learning to live with a house that no longer has dog sounds. Even with two kids it just seems a lot more quiet and empty than before.

  2. Just came across your posting. What a sweet memorial to your pup! So sorry for your loss, but also so glad that you had all those years (and memories) together.

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