08.16.13 | parking, carnations, and a pile of manure

08.16.13 | parking, carnations, and a pile of manure +

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We took a short day trip today to Assateague Island. We had intended on driving to another location for a nature walk, but this showed up in our GPS as a nearby attraction so we turned the car around and changed our plans – and I’m so glad we did! Assateague was wonderful. We explored the island a little bit, had a picnic lunch, and came very close to many of the wild ponies.
I feel I need to explain my rationale for choosing this particular photo as my primary blog image for today since it’s not exactly something normally worth documenting. I took this photo because I was fascinated by the contrast of nature and the impact of man on nature. The wild horses on the island were here long before cars were around, so it’s not uncommon to see piles of manure scattered everywhere regardless of location or proximity to more modern amenities such as parking lots. The carnations placed on top of the pile seemed so strange and out of place. I don’t really consider carnations to be a flower that grows in the wild, and they are often dyed various bright and unnatural colors, so seeing them perched on top of a pile of manure that, itself, was partially blocking the handicapped parking space, was something that needed to be photographed.
08.16.13 | parking, carnations, and a pile of manure
I love the juxtaposition of natural and man made elements.


We will most certainly be back here.

Watching some horses leave the fresh water pond.
Descending the ramp after watching some horses from the elevated lookout. I love her totally unnatural colors in contrast to the greens, tans and grays of her surroundings.
Dead jellyfish. It felt like what I think a giant eyeball might feel like. Solid, slightly soft and forgiving, yet very sturdy. Ewww.

2 Replies to “08.16.13 | parking, carnations, and a pile of manure +”

  1. The horses just roam free? Ewwww to the jelly fish. Why was it in the park?? Love the pic of your kids watching the horses and letting them pass.

    1. The park is an island off the coast of Maryland just below Delaware. It has the ocean on one side and the bay on the other so it is surrounded by salt water. There were a lot of jellyfish – you could see them in the water all over the island. Yes, the horses are wild and just roam free all over the island. According to the National Park Service website “The “wild” horses on Assateague are actually feral animals, meaning that they are descendants of domestic animals that have reverted to a wild state.” You can read more about them here: http://www.nps.gov/asis/naturescience/horses.htm

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