One of the best things about camping is seeing my son finding non-digital things to play with. He had so much fun collecting frogs with his friends all weekend. There were TONS of them all around the campsite.
06.14.13 | tiny frogs
I had such a hard time getting this little guy in focus. This was the best I could do out of about 8 different shots.


At first the kids collected the frogs in a cup but then decided a bucket would give them more space.

Frogs in a cup.
A bunch of frogs along with some “food” the kids tried to feed them (spiders, an inchworm and a snail)


There was still plenty of time spent in front of the ipad in between frog searches, though.

Completely mesmerized by games on the ipad.

4 Replies to “06.14.13 | tiny frogs and ipads +”

    1. Marcia, the kids were going crazy for the frogs. At one point I think they had around 20 in the bucket at one time. They all wanted to bring one home to keep as a pet but in the end they all decided it was best to set them free. They were all over the campground. I don’t know if they were baby frogs or if they were full grown but many of them were very tiny.

    1. It’s nice that they had a mix of both types of fun. My son and his friend totally bond over their video games. They could sit there hovering over the screen together for hours.

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