We went to one of my favorite urban nature locations today so the kids could play. Almost all of the trees there had already lost their leaves so I was pleasantly surprised to come across a few bright bursts of color mixed in among all the drabness. It didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful 65 degree day too.
11.17.13 | succulent
It was so nice to see something so fresh and flowering outdoors in November.


Here’s another photo of the same plant along with one of some berries that were all over some of the bushes. I always love seeing the types of plants that produce color during the months when things are mostly brown and drab.


3 Replies to “11.17.13 | succulent +”

  1. That is amazing! I guess that flower didn’t realize what time of year it was. Lucky you to have seen it’s beauty and capture it for us to enjoy also. I am so missing Spring.

    1. You know what is cool about this flower is that my daughter picked it and left it in the car for a week. When I found it again it was still as fresh as if we had just picked it – I think it’s because the succulent “leaves” retain water so well and can feed the flower long after it’s been cut?

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