We had dinner at my in-laws tonight. My mother-in-law had a project for my son – a candy tree! With (a lot (of) help from my husband, he used a hot glue gun and glued candy all over a Styrofoam ball on a stick that was in a garden pot and then filled the pot with the rest of the candy to look like candy “dirt.” It ended up looking like a peppermint topiary which is really cute, although candy is one of the last things we need in our house at this time of year…
12.18.13 | the candy tree ate my son
All it needs is some eyes.


2 Replies to “12.18.13 | the candy tree ate my son”

    1. It did turn out cute but we didn’t end up with enough candy to fill the pot so the base of it looked a little thin and lackluster. It was a nice decoration, though, and we are still eating the candy.

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