Every year on Christmas Eve we take the kids to a local house that is covered in thousands of Christmas lights. There are tons of blow-up decorations in the yard with pathways covered in lighted archways. This year we learned something new – the best time to go is at 4:30 before it gets crowded. We also learned to make sure to dress appropriately because it was FREEZING!
12.24.13 | the eve is upon us
So many lights!


A few more.

North Pole.
Taking in the sights.



3 Replies to “12.24.13 | the eve is upon us +”

    1. It’s crazy! What gets the biggest are the crowds of people trying to park along this residential road. I would not like to live on that road! The best part about this place is we can see if from I-95 every day on the way home.

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