Post 367: 2/365

2014 Resolution Number Two: Bring my lunch to work more often
I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow I ended up going out and buying my lunch about 90% of the time in 2013. In an effort to cut costs and be smarter about what I’m eating, I really need to start bringing my lunch to work. I’ve set up a lunch budget spreadsheet and I’m going to track my spending like I do with my yarn purchases – I’ve been tracking my yarn buying habits with a very detailed spreadsheet for the past 4 years and it has helped immensely in curbing my spending so I’m hoping it will work for my lunch spending as well. (I love spreadsheets!)
01.02.14 | lunch money
My sandwich is kind of anemic looking, but it was still pretty yummy.


2 Replies to “01.02.14 | lunch money”

    1. It REALLY helped me understand how I was spending my money. I am spending a little more than half of what I was spending the first year I started tracking four years ago. I’m hoping to spend even less this year.

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