Post 368: 3/365

2014 Resolution Number Three: Plant more flowers (and maybe some veggies too)
When I first moved into my house 13 years ago shortly before getting married, I spent a lot of time (and money) planting flowers in beds and pots around my house. I had people stop as they walked by to tell me how nice the house looked and comment on the flowers and the effort I put into maintaining them. Somewhere along the line, probably when my son was born, I slowly started to let my garden die and lost the momentum to plant things every year. I’m going to make an effort this year to add some “curb appeal” back to my house – at least in the front yard. If it goes well I may tackle the back yard next year.
01.03.14 | garden dreams
Snowy planter


These two photos today were taken at my office. I saw them as I walked from the parking lot and they got me thinking about warmer weather. The fact that we got a bunch of snow last night and it was around 14 degrees probably helped push my mind towards these thoughts too.

So much potential

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