Post 379: 14/365

I’m not even sure what to write for this post so I’ll just leave it at that.
01.14.14 | santa and leonardo
Yes, our Christmas decorations are still up.



4 Replies to “01.14.14 | santa and leonardo”

  1. Leonardo has a very luxurious beard! I guess you didn’t use some of the items we picked up at the thrift store. As for Christmas decorations and etc…..I once left a real Christmas tree up until April. Needless to say most of the needles were long gone. It was, initially, a beautiful blue spruce!

    1. His beard is insanely luxurious! The only thing we didn’t use from our trip to Goodwill was the vest. I was able to find a robe-like overcoat thing that worked perfectly with some minor adjustments. He had his speech today and did really well, although he was a little too far away from the microphone about half of the time so he was very hard to hear. At least he looked good, though!

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