03.09.14 | buffy

Post 433: 68/365

This was my favorite stuffed toy growing up. I can’t think of a time it was not with me. He came with me to college, to my semester in Rome, to the hospital when I was 8, and everywhere in between. My daughter knows it’s mine and sometimes brings it to me and says, “Here’s your doggy.” I love it when she does that.

5 Replies to “03.09.14 | buffy”

    1. His nose is a little bit loose but the glue they used to stick on his eyebrows is incredible. Those little eyebrows aren’t ever going to fall off.

  1. As soon as I saw the picture, I just knew it had to be one of your childhood toys. I’m glad that it is still “yours” and that he brings you comfort when you need him. Your daughter is so sweet and knows what you need when you are feeling down.

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