05.04.14 | monkey balls in her hair

05.04.14 | monkey balls in her hair

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05.04.14 | monkey balls in her hairPost 489: 124/365

I’m cheating a little bit today. This photo is actually from a few months ago as you can tell by the fact that there is snow on the ground. Do you call these things “monkey balls?” Or is that a regional thing? After I typed the title of this post I realized it might sound kind of obscene to anyone who doesn’t call these “monkey balls.”

6 Replies to “05.04.14 | monkey balls in her hair”

  1. It is definitely a regional thing. I am from the East coast and grew up calling them Monkey Balls, too. But here in Michigan they look at me like I have a third eye when I call them that. Glad someone else out there understands me, hehe.

    1. Did you always call them that? Do they have monkey balls in Kansas? Or did you start calling them when you moved east? No, I didn’t make those bows. I learned how to make them and have made a few but these are much more elaborate than what I have made so far.

  2. I can’t recall. Mom and dad bought the tree that drops these balls when I was in my late 20’s. Before that not sure if I’d ever seen them.

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