05.19.14 | surprisingly not disgusting

05.19.14 | surprisingly not disgusting

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05.19.14 | surprisingly not disgustingPost 504: 139/365

This is a product that probably never should have been developed. Honestly, I wonder what Nabisco was thinking when they came up with this idea…everyone sitting around a conference table talking about Oreo’s and someone says, “I know! Let’s make them taste like WATERMELON!” Because, you know, watermelon-flavored things are so popular in other products? Not. We bought them as a joke but they are surprisingly yummy. I think everyone should try at least one.

3 Replies to “05.19.14 | surprisingly not disgusting”

  1. They look pretty. I have not even heard of nor seen them. I will have to look for them the next time I am at the grocery store.

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