05.22.14 | all hail the crazy weather

05.22.14 | all hail the crazy weather

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05.22.14 | all hail the crazy weatherPost 507: 142/365

Not my best photo, but I couldn’t resist posting it since I thought it was so cool. I find it so amazing that these crazy frozen balls were created by falling through the sky and ended up in our yard. I love how some of them have a darker spot in the center and are kind of flat and others are more round and spikey. Weather is cool sometimes.

2 Replies to “05.22.14 | all hail the crazy weather”

  1. I heard about the large hail storm you guys recently weathered on the east coast. I don’t think I have ever looked at hail that closely. I love your pictures. The designs are very interesting. I don’t remember getting large hail here in Michigan. I do remember a hail storm when I was kid living in Delaware and it was about the size of ice cubes.

    1. I thought these were so cool looking. Almost ufo-like in some ways. It’s so cool to think about how they were formed by falling through layers of warm and cold air as they fell to the ground. I’m just glad my husband’s car didn’t get any damage and our skylights were ok!

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