05.24.14 | 4:00 a.m.Post 509: 144/365

I woke up at 3:00-ish in the morning today and couldn’t get back to sleep so I came downstairs at around 4:00, made some coffee and knit until the sun came up and everyone else woke up. It was awesome… although I paid for it later in the day when I couldn’t keep my eyes open. But still, 4+ hours of completely uninterrupted knitting time was amazing.

2 Replies to “05.24.14 | 4:00 a.m.”

  1. I don’t sleep much, but I don’t get out of bed when I am awake during the night. I should try getting up and seeing what I can get done. 4 hours of knitting had to make you feel good about your progress.

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