06.05.14 | goodbye third grade!

06.05.14 | goodbye third grade!

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06.05.14 | goodbye third grade!Post 521: 156/365

Today was my son’s last day of third grade. It was also his last day at the school he’s been attending since Kindergarten. Next year he’ll be in a new school but still with all of the same friends from this school, which will make the transition very smooth, but still, there is always something sad about the end of a life-chapter. His exact words today were, “This was the best day of my life and the worst. Best because it’s the last day of school, and worst because I’ll never see Miss P. again.” Poor guy. This photo is of his last paper that was due yesterday. He’s come so far this year and was really proud of it. I’m super proud of him too.

2 Replies to “06.05.14 | goodbye third grade!”

  1. It is great when another milestone is reached. But also sad that things will change. Kids love their favorite teachers and it is sad for them that they won’t be teaching them again. But he will find a new teacher next year that is great and the world will go on. And I am sure he will have a great time in his new school. Change is hard.

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