06.07.14 | merino cashmere socks and crocs

06.07.14 | merino/cashmere socks and crocs

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06.07.14 | merino cashmere socks and crocsPost 523: 158/365

My son likes to wear my hand knit socks to bed and this morning he decided to leave them on since they matched his shorts. I think they looks great! I think I may need to make him some of his own. If only I liked knitting socks…

3 Replies to “06.07.14 | merino/cashmere socks and crocs”

  1. Those are fabulous socks! You did a great job on them. I have never knitted a pair of socks. Can’t imagine all those needles together. I knitted sleeves of a baby jacket with 3 DP needles and I hated every stitch of it. I have decided that when I knit that little jacket again, I will do the sleeves separate and sew them in rather than do the DP’s again. You did such a fabulous job with your socks, I know you will make some for your son.

    1. I have to confess, someone made these for me. I have made socks, though, just not this fancy. I’m not a big sock knitter so it was nice to have someone else do the knitting for me. We did a swap. I made her a shawl and she made me socks.

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