06.12.14 | i think she thought they were rocks

06.12.14 | i think she thought they were rocks +

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06.12.14 | i think she thought they were rocksPost 528: 163/365

We went to a very small beach tonight so my husband could take some photos of the sunset and were totally surprised by the volume of horseshoe crabs we saw. There were HUNDREDS of them along this tiny shoreline, all moving around in and out of the water. My daughter is not a big fan of things that she considers to be “creepy crawlies” so I was completely surprised by how nonchalant she was about playing near the water with all these things moving around so close to her. My only guess is she had not idea they were actually ALIVE because if she did I doubt she would have been so bold.




Update: I did some research and discovered that we must have been there at exactly the time of the horseshoe crab spawning. Apparently in late May and early June at the times of the full or new moon, they come to shore to mate and lay their eggs. We went back to this same beach two more times later in the week at the same time of day and there were NO horseshoe crabs to be seen.

2 Replies to “06.12.14 | i think she thought they were rocks +”

  1. What an amazing experience! You were so lucky to have gone to the beach that day. I remember seeing those horseshoe crabs as a kid, well, probably just the shells. I would have freaked if it had moved. It’s good your daughter thought they were rocks or something so as not to freak her out.

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