07.09.14 | balancing sbeamPost 555: 190/365

When my son was little he used to say “balancing sbeam” instead of “balance beam” – he even would say things like “I’m going to walk across the sbeam” and not even use the word “balance” or “balancing” at all. This is one of those little quirky things that has stuck in our family. We still call it a sbeam even though he doesn’t say that any more. I realize this photo is not exactly of a real balance beam, but since my daughter likes to pretend the curb is a “sbeam” it’s as much of a sbeam as any other sbeam in my opinion.

2 Replies to “07.09.14 | balancing sbeam”

  1. The best kind of sbeam for a little one-don’t have to worry too much about falling off. And those boots are made for walking on the sbeams!

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