07.17.14 | obama at the charcoal pit

07.17.14 | obama at the charcoal pit

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07.17.14 | obama at the charcoal pitPost 563: 198/365

So I was driving back to work after dropping my daughter off at daycare after her morning at Princess Camp and I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a drink. Little did I know the president of the United States, Barack Obama, would be dining at the Charcoal Pit right next door! Once I pulled into the parking lot that is shared between these two places, that all the entrances and exits would be blocked and I would be trapped there for an hour while Obama ate his lunch.

One Reply to “07.17.14 | obama at the charcoal pit”

  1. Oh no! Did you even get a glimpse? Hubby flew into Detroit last week and the parking attendant told him good luck getting out after he had paid for parking. Vice President Biden was flying into Detroit and everything was closed and blocked off. As hubby pulled up to the gate to get onto the road, all lights started flashing. The policeman was nice and let hubby out, but he was the last car leaving. Even on the highway he was the last car driving. I would have been so bummed if his coming home was delayed for hours. I know someone who works there at the Charcoal pit…wonder if she was working that day???

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