08.04.14 | chocolate milk and dirty fingernails

08.04.14 | chocolate milk and dirty fingernails

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08.04.14 | chocolate milk and dirty fingernailsPost 581: 216/365

I have to confess, this photo is over a year old. But my daughter is still wearing that same dress and she still loves chocolate milk (which we call a “sometimes drink”) so I figured it was ok to post this. I need more photos of my son. For some reason my daughter dominates my blog and that makes me feel bad. I guess it’s just the nature of having a 3 year old who is easy to take photos of and a 9 year old who has entered the rarely-wants-his-photo-taken phase.

2 Replies to “08.04.14 | chocolate milk and dirty fingernails”

  1. Don’t forget that your daughter is home with you more while your son is in school, so that also makes it harder to get those photos of him. At least you didn’t fall under the “By the time the younger ones were born, just didn’t take pictures”.

    1. OK. That makes me feel better. Sort of. I think I do spend more time with her than with my son – school, camp, he’s spending more time at friend’s houses, he’s more independent at home, etc. But still. I can’t help but feel a little bad about it. I just need to try sneaking more photos of him when he’s not looking. 🙂

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