08.16.14 | a doll named "house"

08.16.14 | a doll named “house”

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08.16.14 | a doll named "house"Post 593: 228/365

We picked up this very strange doll at an antique store today. She doesn’t have legs – instead, her entire bottom half is shaped like a dress or strange curvy cone, or, if you turn her sideways as my son discovered, a bazooka. I asked my daughter what her name was and she said, “Her name is “House”… because she likes houses.”

2 Replies to “08.16.14 | a doll named “house””

    1. I tried to figure out what type of doll she was – what she was intended for – and I couldn’t figure it out. I googled “Doll with dress-shaped torso” and nothing came up. She’s a strange one. And her eyes are super creepy. For some reason my son was walking around with her all night the other night – out in public – on the beach, walking on the boardwalk. I have no idea why, but both kids seem to really like her.

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