09.02.14 | the scenic route

09.02.14 | the scenic route +

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09.02.14 | the scenic route

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I will be so sad when my daughter gets too big for her little car. It’s so fun to push her around in it and she always has so much fun “driving” with me. It was sort of an impulse buy when we got it but I’m so glad we did.

Some pics from the day she first tried it out at Costco are below – March 25, 2013 to be exact. As you can see, my son enjoyed it too… although I’m not sure the other shoppers at Costco enjoyed my kids enjoying it… they got a bit crazy running around the aisles… yes, I am THAT mom. Sorry.



3 Replies to “09.02.14 | the scenic route +”

  1. I can see why she loves it. It’s a very cute car. I’ve not seen that one before. Probably makes her feel a little grown up. Much more fun than a plain old stroller.

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