09.11.14 | t-pins and blocking wires

Post 619: 254/365

I think I might be in the minority of knitters who actually love blocking. There is so much potential laying here on the floor. So much transformation that happens from when you actually put your needles down to when you lift your finished and blocked item off the blocking mats. When I have something blocking at home I honestly think about it all day, wondering if it’s dry yet, and waiting for the moment I can go home and check on it. Does that make me a dork? Maybe. But I don’t care.

3 Replies to “09.11.14 | t-pins and blocking wires”

  1. No, it doesn’t make you a dork. Weird maybe, but not a dork 😉 I can honestly say that I have never blocked anything I have ever knitted. Does that make me a loser? LOL Just the thought of blocking just turns me off. You definitely are a rare one when it comes to blocking. Hehe

    1. No, you are not a loser! Do you just wear things without blocking them? Or knit them and put them in a “to-be-blocked” pile? I love the transformation of the piece after it’s blocked. It’s like magic.

      1. Yeah, I just wore them 🙂 I haven’t made anything for my self in a long, long time. When I made the kids’ sweaters and knitted pants, I didn’t block them either. Just not a blocker, I guess.

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