09.30.14 | nerd alert

Post 638: 273/365

I discovered this website today where you can maintain a database of your Lego sets in much the same way Ravelry maintains a database of your yarn and projects!

I was up way too late inputting the information for all of the sets we own. According to the csv file I was able to export from my profile on the site, we have a total of 81 Lego sets which adds up to 23,121 pieces at a US retail value of $2256.22.

This calculation does not include Duplos, free build pieces (we have a lot), Lego games, random minifigs, a few Ninjago spinners I couldn’t accurately identify, and a few sets from the Master Builders Academy that got mixed in together with the rest of the sets from the main Master Builders Academy set than came with a nice storage box.

I am in Lego Organizing Heaven today!

Now that I have my nice spreadsheet, I need to download all of the parts lists and check each set to find which pieces might be missing and need to be replaced. And yes, I made this text small and hard to read because I’m kind of embarrassed by how much I enjoy this level of organization of all things Lego…

2 Replies to “09.30.14 | nerd alert”

  1. That is awesome! Wish I had that when my sons were younger. My oldest, now 24, and I used to play with legos from the time he was about 3 or 4. We would spend days with legos all over the living room floor. My younger son would get into the “lego bins” and mix things up and take figures from different sets. I spent countless hours trying to keep pieces with the right sets. I still have the “lego bins” as well as a few pink lego sets that were mine (the boys liked to play with those, too) I kind of want to go to this site and input all of the legos, but then again…nah! Too many other things to do 🙂 Glad you were able to do it find out that you have thousands and thousands of lego pieces 🙂

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