10.10.14 | hibachi

Post 648: 283/365

I’m not sure anyone anticipated the size of this fire at our table.

And since it was my husband’s birthday, I figured I needed to include a photo of the cake. I think I have finally found a bakery that can accommodate my mom’s love of frosting and flowers.


4 Replies to “10.10.14 | hibachi”

  1. Wow, that fire is a bit scary. Was it larger than usual? Good that it sits on what looks like a metal tray. Can’t even see the hibachi…

    1. I think it was larger than usual. I was all ready to take the photo and then the fire blasted up and scared everyone at the table! It was HUGE! Luckily it subsided quickly.

  2. OMG! That is a huge fire for the dinner table. Luckily no one at the table was wearing a lot of hair spray. I have never eaten at a place that cooks at your table and not sure I ever want to now. You did capture the fire’s rage in your photo though. Great shot!

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