11.04.14 | pencil grip challenged

Post 673: 308/365

My son struggled with an improper pencil grip for many years. Actually, in a way, he still doesn’t really hold his pencil correctly, but he at least holds it in a way that works better than it did before. I have no idea why he had trouble holding a pencil, or where he learned the method he used to use, but it looks like my daughter is going down the same path. Oh well.
And even though this photo has nothing to do with holding a pencil or a crayon, I added it to this post because it was taken at the same restaurant and because I thought the lighting on the cup was so nice. And I just noticed you can see a french fry on my daughter’s plate – they were really good fries.

2 Replies to “11.04.14 | pencil grip challenged +”

    1. I feel like I should be teaching her the right way to hold it, but that ends up becoming very frustrating for both of us. I guess she’ll work it out on her own. I hope. I can give some direction and maybe it will stick.

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