12.08.14 | the peppermint joe-joe's sucked us in

12.08.14 | the peppermint joe-joe’s sucked us in

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12.08.14 | the peppermint joe-joe's sucked us in

Post 707: 342/365

Every year near Christmas, Trader Joe’s sells Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s cookies. They are basically peppermint flavored Oreo’s, but for some reason I think they are better than Oreo’s, even peppermint flavored Oreo’s if there is such a thing, which I’m sure there is since they had watermelon flavored ones over the summer.

The thing about these Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s is they sell out. And once they are gone, they’re gone. So every year we stock up and buy a lot, which is kind of crazy since we don’t really normally ever have cookies sitting around at home at the ready.

Tonight we totally fell under the spell of all things Joe-Joe’s. We bought 3 boxes of the regular peppermint ones, 3 boxes of the dark chocolate covered peppermint ones, and one special sample box of 4 different kinds of enrobed ones.

I like that word. Enrobed. Yum.

PS. Yes, that is a tiny shopping cart.
PPS. I think I may have to go back and get more. Just the thought of them selling out makes me want more. If I buy enough, I can freeze them and enjoy them all year long, although I don’t have a lot of freezer space.
PPPS. Maybe I should buy a stand-alone freezer?

3 Replies to “12.08.14 | the peppermint joe-joe’s sucked us in”

  1. I have never been to trader Joes. I think I should check it out. The cookies sound yummy! Then again, I don’t need another treat that is limited edition. A new freezer? LOL

    1. You should get some next year – maybe you can buy them online? Or I could send you some… although once I bought them for you I might have a hard time letting them go since they are so scarce…

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