01.03.15 | k'nex-itects

Post 733: 3/365

My son and one of his best friends attended a workshop today in Philadelphia where they had to design and build structures with K’Nex. It was a fantastic program! The kids all worked independently and then pushed all of the tables together to create a city with the things they built. It was fun to see how different everyone’s creations were. My son built a very stable and structurally sound bridge, whereas his friend built an extremely creative and abstract opera house (the bendy/curvy green thing in the background above.)

The best part, though, was watching them collaborate and share ideas.


2 Replies to “01.03.15 | k’nex-itects +”

    1. It was really fun. K’Nex are a pretty cool toy. They almost seem to be better for encouraging creative play than Legos. It was a wonderful program for kids. We went to this same thing a few years ago and loved it. I’m glad we did it again.

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