01.05.15 | weather and waiting

Post 735: 5/365

My car was still not totally back to normal after the battery fiasco of New Year’s Eve so I got to spend the entire evening in the dealership waiting room with the TV on so loud it was hard to concentrate on reading. Oh, and by the way, the weather person says it’s going to snow tomorrow. And she said it REALLY LOUDLY.

2 Replies to “01.05.15 | weather and waiting”

  1. Why are the tv’s so loud at the dealerships? Or people talking on their cell phones so loud that everyone can hear the conversations. I find it very hard to read when I am there. And then when it is sort of quiet or I am at a really good part in my book, I am afraid I am going to miss my name being called. Definitely don’t want to spend any more time there than I have to.

    1. I guess I could have turned it down? But there were other people watching it. It was SO LOUD! I had my ears plugged so I could read but it still wasn’t working. And it didn’t help that I was there for almost 2 hours. Ugh.

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