01.19.15 | swiping through life

Post 749: 19/365

My daughter has been sick this past week and hasn’t been her usual smiley self lately. There’s been a lot of complaining, crying, and general unhappiness. I told her the other day that I had TONS of photos of her on my ipad showing how happy she was and how HUGE her smile is and how much I miss seeing it. So now her new favorite thing to do is to swipe through the 1,200+ photos I have stored on it and pronounce things like, “Look how happy I was!” and “Awww, look how cute I was!” I’m so happy to see how it’s getting her to smile again. I’m hoping it’s just a preschool slump she’s in these days and she’s back to her normal self again soon.

4 Replies to “01.19.15 | swiping through life”

  1. Very clever. Sorry she has been ill but there is no way she can resist her smiling, happy face. Just too contagious….

  2. Aw, that’s too bad she hasn’t been feeling well. What a great “photo album” to let her look at. I hope she is feeling better soon and back to her happy, smiling self.

    1. She loves looking at all the photos now that she’s discovered them on my ipad. I’m kind of worried she’ll click the trashcan button, though, and delete them…

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