01.19.15 | swiping through life

Post 749: 19/365

My daughter has been sick this past week and hasn’t been her usual smiley self lately. There’s been a lot of complaining, crying, and general unhappiness. I told her the other day that I had TONS of photos of her on my ipad showing how happy she was and how HUGE her smile is and how much I miss seeing it. So now her new favorite thing to do is to swipe through the 1,200+ photos I have stored on it and pronounce things like, “Look how happy I was!” and “Awww, look how cute I was!” I’m so happy to see how it’s getting her to smile again. I’m hoping it’s just a preschool slump she’s in these days and she’s back to her normal self again soon.

4 Replies to “01.19.15 | swiping through life”

  1. Aw, that’s too bad she hasn’t been feeling well. What a great “photo album” to let her look at. I hope she is feeling better soon and back to her happy, smiling self.

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