02.17.15 | snow day!

Post 778: 48/365

We had our first real accumulation of snow over night last night and my son’s school was closed. I stayed home and worked remotely all day, with the exception of lunchtime, when we all went outside and shoveled the driveway and did a little bit of sledding before heading back in to finish the day. I was a little bit worried about being able to work from home with everyone else there since my kids have an uncanny ability to demand all of my attention. Thankfully, it worked out surprisingly well. My husband (and the Xbox) kept the kids busy for most of the day (and my daughter actually took a nice long nap which was a HUGE surprise) which meant I was able to get my work done without interruptions.

I’ll be glad to get back to our regular routine again tomorrow, though. I’m SO thankful that we have missed all of the major snowstorms on the east coast this year. The 5 or so inches we got last night was plenty – just enough to be fun and make everything look pretty, but not enough to make it too hard to get around.


6 Replies to “02.17.15 | snow day! +”

    1. Thankfully he didn’t end up having a ton of snow days like he did last year. I was worried last year that they would have to make up some of the time they missed. Not so this year!

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