03.01.15 | matching game

Post 790: 60/365

My daughter loves using scissors. She spends hours cutting paper and yarn and pretty much anything she can get her hands on (coughcoughanentirebagofrubberbandscoughcough).

Today she took a Kohl’s catalog out of the recycle bin, found a page with bras and another page with underwear and ended up making a matching game.

2 Replies to “03.01.15 | matching game”

    1. I love seeing how she’s learning. Last night she “read” three books to me – she’s basically memorized the general storyline and tells it to me by looking at the pictures to see what’s going on on each page. Sometimes she gets the phrasing exactly like it is in the book and sometimes it’s just a quick description of the picture. It’s so cool to see her brain in action!

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