03.13.15 | reflection

Post 802: 72/365

As I do every year (as I’ve posted before here and here) I made my yearly pilgrimage out to the church in Old New Castle to write a letter to my dad which I sealed and put away with the others I’ve written over the last 18 years. It seems that sometime in the last year, the church installed a new air handling system because gone are the days of total and complete silence during my annual visit. There were still long stretches of time when the blower was off during which I was enveloped in the familiar and comforting silence. But then those moments were shattered by the intermittent blowing of a new heater, or some other air circulating system that wasn’t there before. This new feature didn’t completely ruin my visit, but it certainly made it into something different. Eighteen years has gone by since my father died. I guess it’s ok for things to change a little bit. But I can’t say I don’t miss the comfort of that silence – a silence so thick you can almost see it.

2 Replies to “03.13.15 | reflection”

  1. I’m glad that the lack of complete silence didn’t ruin your visit. Unfortunately, things change and we have to roll with them even when we don’t like them. I am not a big fan of change, but we just have to experience change to move on. Love your photo. I can see you! Love your pink scarf 😉

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