03.14.15 | art party

Post 803: 73/365

My daughter had her fourth birthday party today – an “Art” themed party at a local museum. The kids all had a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun planning it!


The cupcakes were primary colors with little edible paint palettes on them. Someone from my mother-in-law’s church made them. They were adorable AND delicious!


The kids did a bubble painting activity with primary colors. It was very messy but a lot of fun.


The goody bags were filled with a small water color set, some colored pencils, a gummy candy and some rainbow stickers. The labels are pantone paint samples from lowes.

4 Replies to “03.14.15 | art party +”

    1. The funny thing is the bubble painting had to be done with a straw. Basically, you mix tempera paint with water and dish soap. Then you blow into it to make bubbles and then put your paper on top of the bubbles and let them pop on the paper. The problem was, my daughter (and one other girl) didn’t know how to BLOW through the straw and ended up drinking some of the bubble paint mixture… oops… after that happened she wasn’t interested in doing the art activity any more and just wanted cake and presents. Everyone had a great time, though, and most of the kids did the activity without any trouble.

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