05.09.15 | lighting crew

Post 859: 129/365

My son’s participated in the Drama Club at school this past year. The fourth and fifth graders have been working since October to put on a musical called “Once Upon a Leprechaun.” It was adorable, and such an incredible experience for these kids. The entire thing, from acting, singing, stage design, costuming, lighting, and sound, were all done by the students. My son, not one to feel comfortable on a stage, decided to take a background role and did the lighting. They all did a FANTASTIC job!

2 Replies to “05.09.15 | lighting crew”

  1. The backstage people are just as important as those on the stage. Good for him for getting involved. I’ll bet the play was fantastic.

    1. The play was great. I have to admit, though, it was a bit looooong and I lost the plot a few times… But it was adorable, and so cool that it was all kid-done.

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