06.05.15 | rip beauPost 886: 156/365

Beau Biden was in my class in middle school. This photo was taken on our 8th grade trip to Washington, DC in the spring of 1983. It’s hard to believe someone so young could die so early in his life. I can’t say I knew him well, since we didn’t really have the same friends. But, that doesn’t take away from the shock of hearing about his death last Saturday. Knowing he was my age really made it sink in how short our lives really are.

(He’s in the second row up from the bottom, 3 people from the right. I am in the same row)


2 Replies to “06.05.15 | rip beau”

  1. The news was really sad to hear. So young. My heart goes out to Vice President Biden and his family. I read yesterday that this is his 2nd child to pass.

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