06.07.15 | day 1: princesses, chipmunks, a bear, and fast cars

06.07.15 | day 1: princesses, chipmunks, a bear, and fast cars +

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06.07.15 | day 1: princesses, chipmunks, a bear, and fast carsPost 888: 158/365

We spent our first day at Epcot and had a GREAT time. We arrived a little after 9 and went immediately over to stand in line at Test Track. I couldn’t believe how long the line was so early after the park opened. I think it was around an hour long. But we persevered and did the ride. Nobody realized how intense it was going to be, though. When it was over my daughter said, “I did not like that ride.” Very matter of fact. I give her credit for doing it, though!

My son designing his car at Test Track
My daughter’s car design at Test Track

After that we made our way over to the Finding Nemo ride which everyone LOVED. The morning slipped by so fast, by the time we finished there we had to find our way to Norway for our (insanely expensive) princess character lunch. We saw Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Ariel. I’m not sure it was worth the price, but it was nice to be able to see all of those princesses in one place and not have to wait in line.

After lunch we rode the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros and stopped to get some character autographs with Chip & Dale and Duffy (never heard of him before but apparently he’s Mickey’s stuffed bear that Minnie made for him??) Then we did the Nemo ride again since everyone loved it so much, and then did Soarin’ which was super awesome! We all had our doubts when we arrived and got strapped in, but as soon as the ride started everyone loved it.

Meeting Chip & Dale
Meeting Duffy

By that point we were all pooped so we decided to leave to go back to our hotel and take a break, stopping to ride Spaceship Earth in the big ball on the way out. That was a wonderful ride. After our experience with Test Track at the beginning of the day, my daughter would ask before every ride whether it was fast, or slow. I assured her this one was slow so, not surprisingly, she really loved it.

The Spaceship Earth ride is inside the giant ball

Our break back at the hotel didn’t last very long since we wanted to get back in time to see IllumiNations at 9:00. I think I may have been the only one who really wanted to see it, but everyone enjoyed it so they were all glad they went back. We even got a chance to ride Spaceship Earth again and have some delicious sandwiches at a place right across the path from where we had our lunch in Norway.

Arriving at Epcot

I think we all would have loved spending more time at Epcot. This was our only day here this week. If we ever come back I will make sure we have a chance to come for two days. My son really loved it here and there was so much more we didn’t explore.

Can’t wait to go back sometime!

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