06.12.15 | day 6: splash mountain!

06.12.15 | day 6: splash mountain! +

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06.12.15 | day 6: splash mountain!Post 893: 163/365

Today was our last day at Disney. Since our Fast Passes were scheduled for somewhat later in the day, we decided not to try to get up super early and get to the park when it opened (that plan failed pretty much every day this week, although we did get close a few times) and ended up arriving just in time for our 11:35 timeslot at Jungle Cruise. The problem was, they had just closed it down to fix something.

Insert frowny face here.

Luckily we were able to find plenty of other things to do before our next Fast Pass, AND we ended up being able to ride the Jungle Cruise without a line later in the afternoon as a bonus Fast Pass.

Insert smiley face here!

06.12.15 (
A close encounter with Tiana

The day turned out great in the end. We went to the Enchanted Tiki Room, the Hall of Presidents, the Country Bear Jamboree (can you tell these were all my father-in-law’s favorites. But we all enjoyed them – AND they were air conditioned which was a HUGE bonus) We rode Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, went on Small World again, climbed to the top of the Swiss Family Treehouse, rode the Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight and Small World.

Waiting to get squirted by the camel next to Aladdin
Entering Small World

At the end of the day my husband, son, and father-in-law rode on Splash Mountain two times in a row while my mother-in-law, daughter, and I rode the Liberty Square Riverboat and watched all the boys come down the 50-foot drop at the end of Splash Mountain and get all wet.

Getting ready to ride Splash Mountain!
On the Liberty Square Riverboat
On the Liberty Square Riverboat

We planned the day perfectly. Our last Fast Pass was at 7:10 which gave us enough time to take a bathroom break and slowly make our way toward the entry gates where we found a great spot to see the daily Electrical Parade at 9:00 before leaving.

Cinderella in the Electrical Parade
On the tram back to our car for the last time


2 Replies to “06.12.15 | day 6: splash mountain! +”

  1. The electrical parade must have been awesome! All those lights! And you met Princess Tiana. She is my favorite princess and some day I will have a dress like hers 😉 Probably for Halloween some year, when I get time to make it, LOL Fabulous Trip to Disney World. Thank you for sharing your awesome photos.

    1. We actually didn’t meet Tiana since the line was so long. But her dress brushed my daughter’s foot when she walked by which was good enough for her. The electrical parade was really cool. It was the perfect way to end a great week.

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