06.16.15 | kids don't get smaller

06.16.15 | kids don’t get smaller

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06.16.15 | kids don't get smallerPost 897: 167/365

I’m starting to go through and get rid of tons of baby stuff I no longer need. It’s great because I’m selling a lot of it which is putting a nice chunk of money in my pocket. It’s not great because it’s a reminder that my kids are growing up and won’t ever be small enough to fit in things like this any more. I pulled this high chair out of the basement tonight because a friend wanted to buy it from me. Then I saw the tiny flower sticker on the front and remembered when my son stuck it on there during my daughter’s first birthday party. That tiny sticker brought back so many memories it almost made me want to keep the chair. Then I realized how crazy that sounded so I decided to just take a photo of it instead.

2 Replies to “06.16.15 | kids don’t get smaller”

  1. I hated that part; getting rid of the kids things. That garage sale was so hard. Everytime someone bought something I just wanted to go and grab it back. So many memories tied to “things”. Made me cry. I feel your dilemma.

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