06.19.15 | slappy fishPost 900: 170/365

My son spent the week at a Minecraft camp where they learned how to do some basic programming in order to make what are called “mods.” If you have a Minecraft fan in your house you will probably know what a “mod” is. In my house there is discussion of “mods” pretty much EVERY. SINGLE. DAY… Anyway, I digress. My son made a mod this week that he called “Slappy Fish.” It’s exactly what it’s name implies. Your character uses a fish to slap another character across the room. Oh, and he also made Slappy Fish 2.0 and Slappy Fish 3.0 which have the same function but at increasing intensities such that Slappy Fish 3.0 makes the character you slap completely disappear because you’ve slapped it so hard and so far away.

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