06.23.15 | mammatus cloudsPost 904: 174/365

There was an INSANE storm tonight on my way home from work. I left at 5:30 to go get my daughter from daycare and in the 12 minute drive from my office to her school, the sky turned BLACK and the winds picked up so much that many of the roads were already covered in small (and sometimes large) branches. It was only sprinkling when I arrived but by the time I went inside, gathered her things and got back to the front door to leave it was POURING with crazy dangerous-looking lighting everywhere. I picked her up and made a dash for the car but we managed to get DRENCHED anyway. There were no working stoplights on my drive home and many of the roads were starting to flood but I made it home safely and by the time I got there it was only sprinkling again. The best part about the whole storm, though was about 30 minutes after it ended. The sky turned completely orange and there was a strange glowing quality to the light outside. I took a photo of the clouds and learned through a post on Facebook that they are called Mammatus clouds. They were amazing!

Oh, and it’s also the second day of Princess Ballet Camp!


2 Replies to “06.23.15 | mammatus clouds +”

  1. We missed most of those storms where I live, but surrounding cities were not so lucky and had tornadoes. I am thankful everytime a storm misses us. Glad you didn’t get caught it anything worse and made it home safely. Those clouds and that sky are very wicked looking.

    1. We have another storm coming today. Nothing yet but things look ominous. It’s a bummer since today there is an outdoor ice cream festival we wanted to go to. Looks like we will have to go tomorrow instead.

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