06.27.15 | not a slumber partyPost 908: 178/365

My son had his birthday party last night – 3 boys (+ him) playing Minecraft and making s’mores from 6-11 pm. It was like a slumber party but without the extra work of having to get the kids to bed and feed them in the morning. The only problem was, by the time I brought out the cake (cupcakes with giant marshmallows on top) everyone was too full of s’mores to want any cake. I’ll give you one guess what we had for breakfast this morning!

2 Replies to “06.27.15 | not a slumber party”

  1. Yum! Cupcackes for breakfast 🙂 Yeah, the boys don’t like to call it a slumber party, LOL My boys called them sleepovers. I guess slumber party sounds too girlie. Sounds like your son and his friends had fun and were fed well.

    1. They were kind of bouncing off the walls by the time the parents picked everyone up. I was glad I opted for an 11pm end time rather than a sleepover.

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