07.17.15 | honeysucklePost 928: 198/365

Tonight at the park we noticed some honeysuckle plants. We watched the bees and noticed they seemed to prefer the yellow flowers over the white ones. Of course that meant we had to have a taste test to see which was best. Not surprisingly, the bees have good taste. According to my taste testers, the yellow ones were sweeter than the white.

3 Replies to “07.17.15 | honeysuckle”

  1. Awesome photo! You even captured the drop of sweet nectar! I remember doing that as a kid. I don’t see honeysuckle around here….Sad. I never passed that on to my kids.

      1. I mentioned to my husband about your honey suckle post. He had never heard of eating the nectar in the honey suckle, and agrees that we don’t have any around here. Maybe it’s an east coast thing. So glad you were able to capture that one drop. It is an awesome photo. And now I want honey suckle and to show my boys who are now 18 and 25. Never too late though, huh? I just have to find some honey suckle.

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