07.26.15 | couch babiesPost 937: 207/365

Are my son’s shoes off? Are both kids laying on a couch in a showroom or store of some sort? It must be time for COUCH BABIES! I have no idea what it is about couches and babies, but my kids have developed a game they play that they call “Couch Babies” that entails them testing out the softness of various seating options and pretending to be babies. I don’t understand it, but it’s kind of funny to watch.

2 Replies to “07.26.15 | couch babies”

  1. That is so cute. It’s funny that they feel so at home they even take their shoes off. More memories, Mom 😉
    You will look back on this photo and remember the cute little game they made up. Sweet!

    1. I think they take their shoes off because we have a rule in our house that you can’t have shoes on the couch. Therefore, you can’t have shoes on the show-room couch either! 🙂

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